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About tungsten carbide second punch and punch pin maintenance skills!

April 16, 2020

The tungsten carbide second punch and punch pin are installed on the stamping die for continuous punching, punching and punching operations, so that the processed materials are separated or plastically deformed, so as to obtain the desired finished or semi-finished products. The head will not be used for long. Therefore, daily use and maintenance are very important.


Preparation before use:


1. Thoroughly clean the upper mold sleeve before use.

2. Check if there are scratches or dents on the surface. If there is, use oil stone to remove.

3. Oil inside and out.


Matters needing attention when installing tungsten steel punch on the upper die sleeve


1. Clean the punch and oil the long handle.

2. Insert the punch into the bottom of the upper die sleeve on the die of the large station without force. Do not use nylon hammer. During installation, the punch cannot be fixed by tightening the bolt on the upper die sleeve, and the bolt can only be tightened after the punch is correctly positioned.


If you want to extend the size of the mold, the gap between the outer diameter of the upper mold sleeve and the turret hole should be reset to be small. So please perform the following procedures carefully.


1. Clean the keyway and inner diameter of the turret hole and apply oil.

2. Adjust the key groove of the upper mold guide sleeve to match the key of the turret hole.

3. Insert the upper mold sleeve straight into the tower hole, being careful not to tilt it. The upper mold guide sleeve should slide into the turret hole by its own weight.

4. If the upper mold sleeve is tilted to the left or right, it can be gently tapped with a soft material tool such as a nylon hammer. Repeat the tapping until the upper die guide sleeve always slides its own weight into the correct position.


Tip: Don't force on the outer diameter of the upper die guide sleeve, only on the top of the punch. Can not knock on the top of the upper mold sleeve, so as not to damage the turret hole, replace individual stations instead.