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Brief analysis of the latest GB/T3098.23, 24 and 25 national standards for fasteners

March 14, 2023

The main manufacturing process of fasteners includes: raw material procurement → re-inspection → blanking → cold heading or hot forging (bolts and nuts) → heat treatment → performance test → machining → wire rolling forming → table
Surface treatment → surface inspection → NDT → dimension inspection → packaging and transportation and other processes.
A large number of fatigue failure analysis results of high-strength bolts show that more than 70% of fatigue failure results from surface damage, decarburization at the joint of head and rod, obvious small cracks in thread processing or machining
Discontinuities in knife marks, surface corrosion and quenched structure are not uniform because of high stress concentration there. Therefore, the promotion and implementation of the new standard GB/T3098.23, 24 and 25 need to be made great efforts,
It is suggested that fastener quality management should be strengthened and optimized from design, procurement, manufacturing, installation, non-conformance management, inspection and test. In short, the fastener design should strengthen the universality and standard
Standardization and identification code, procurement should limit the lowest bidding price, manufacturing inspection can take into account the third-party inspection unit's responsibility for multiple parties, installation strengthening records and operation according to standards, and strengthen the cause analysis of non-conformance management
And experience feedback, inspection and re-inspection are parallel.