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Tungsten carbide second punch is easy to break, what's the solution?

April 14, 2020

1. The closing height is too low, the punch is too long to cut into the blade.
Solution: Adjust the closing height to make the punch blade have a suitable length.


2. The punch edge is not sharp.
Solution: re-grind the edge.


3. The scrap of the lower die blocks the knife edge, causing the punch to break.
Solution: re-drill large blanking holes to make blanking smooth.


4. The fixed part (clamp) of the punch is offset from the guide part (punch).
Solution: repair or re-cut the block to make the punch go up and down smoothly.


5. Poor guidance of the punching plate, which causes the punch to be stressed unilaterally.
Solution: re-adjust the gap.


6. The punch blade is too short and dry with the punching board.
Solution: Replace the punch and increase the length of the blade.


7. The punch is not fixed well and moves up and down.
Solution: Re-fix the punch so that it cannot move up and down.


8. Improper material positioning causes the punching tungsten steel punch to cut on one side and break due to uneven force.