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What's the processing specification of tungsten carbide die?

April 13, 2020

The steel drawing die is a method of die manufacturing. According to the needs of the product design and processing, the product suitable for its own use is produced. So how are the specifications set for the product?

(1) Dimensions and locking screws of tungsten carbide drawing die processing

In the processing of tungsten carbide drawing molds, the size of the template should be larger than the working area, and the standard template size should be selected. The position of the template locking screwdriver is related to the type of mold and the size of the template.

Among them, the single engineering mold is most often configured with locking screws at the four corners, and the most standard form of work area can be widely used. Long molds and continuous molds are most often placed at the four corners and in the middle using locking screws.

(2) Thickness of template

The thickness of the template has an absolute relationship with the structure of the mold, the type of stamping processing, the force of stamping processing, and the accuracy of stamping processing.

It is difficult to determine the thickness of the mold based on theoretical calculations. Generally, it is obtained from experience. The thickness of the template used in the design should be less. Try to standardize the height of the mold and the clamping height to facilitate procurement and inventory management.

Therefore, if we want to produce qualified products by drawing mold processing, we must choose and design the specifications at the beginning, so that there will be a smoother production process.